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Whether you’re an Audiophile or someone who wants great sound from high-end Hi Fi equipment, AVL Controls, based in Umhlanga, Durban are your go to provider.

If you are looking to set up a system from scratch or upgrade an existing one, we have the knowledge and expertise you need, covering every step of the process.

Your Environment

You may be looking purely for function or also considering form and we understand that special interior spaces demand objects that focus attention.

Merging superb sound with delightful design is something we’re passionate about and we know how the best music entertainment system should complement the finest room.

Your Sound

As experts in top-end audio, we choose some of the best HiFi components to meet our customers specific needs.

With a wide range of the speakers, amps, receivers, record decks, wireless enabled components, headphones and more, we offer something for everyone.

Our Support

Providing excellent customer service is paramount to us and we want to ensure that your to-end Hi Fi fullfils your desires.

We understand how sound fits into space and live and breathe the technical details that you need to get it right.

Our appreciation of the importance of your investment in your home helps to motivate our dedication, and we’ll spend as long as is needed to survey, configure and demo the right combination of components to suite your home, taste and budget.

Our Listening Room

Selecting the correct audio entertainment system requires time and space.

Our listening room provides the perfect environment for you.

Product Catalogue

Our range includes components from the following high quality manufacturers:

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