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Are you looking to install some top-end Hi Fi equipment, or a high quality, large screen TV with surround sound, set up a home theater using a state-of-the-art projector or create a smart home using a home automation system?

While you may think doing any of this is as simple as ordering the components online and installing it yourself or having a few handymen put it together for you, think again.

Given that you’re probably going to spend a fair amount of money on top quality equipment, in order to make the most of that equipment, you need to consider several aspects.

From wiring, power sources, integration and networking to correct equipment placement, sound proofing, security and many other aspects, you need the expertise and experience of professionals to ensure you make the most of your equipment and realise the dreams you have.

At AVL Controls in Umhlanga, Durban, we’ll be with you every step of the journey, from providing the initial consultation, guiding you through correct product selection, actioning the installation and finally the system handover.

Whether you’re installing into an existing room, building or renovating a room for the purpose or building a new house, we can confidently work together with your architects and designers to ensure the best outcome.

Together, we’ll create a hi fi entertainment installation, simply-controlled home theater or home automation system that fulfills your entire family’s dreams.

With friendly, experienced and knowledgeable showroom staff and trustworthy, neat and exceptionally skilled installers, you can consider AVL Controls as your one-stop-shop.

Whatever your needs, from hifi components and speakers for a single area to a large-scale multi-room system that integrates superb audio and high definition plasma TV, LCD TV or a TV projector with lighting, HVAC and security, you’ll have our full attention.

Above all, with our provision of excellent customer service being paramount, if you need us before, during and after a project, we’ll be ready to help. We know how to satisfy clients.

Contact us (LINK) now and let’s get your project started.